About Stan Gershengoren

Stan Gershengoren has always been a high achiever. At the age of seven, he immigrated with his family to the United States from Moldova, a small country bordered on the west by Romania and the east by the Ukraine. As the Gershengorens are of Russian-Jewish descent, they spoke only Russian at the time, and Stan had to learn English very quickly.

He graduated Pascal High School in Fort Worth, Texas in the top 5 percent of his class, much to the delight of his parents. From there, Gershengoren accepted a full scholarship to the University of Texas in Dallas, although he had been offered scholarships from other schools as well.

At the University of Texas, Gershengoren studied accounting and information management, maintaining a 3.9 GPA, earning him a place as a Dean’s Scholar. In only five years, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting as well as his Master’s in Accounting. He then studied for and took the CPA (certified public accountant) exam and passed all four parts on his first try, which any accountant will tell you, is no simple feat. According to the American Institute of CPAs, each separate part has only about a 50 percent pass rate. The percentage of those who pass all four parts on their first attempt is, therefore, much lower.

While still studying for his master’s degree, Gershengoren took an internship with the prestigious accounting firm of Ernst and Young. Upon the completion of his master’s and passing his CPA exam, he went on to work full-time with Ernst and Young for another two years. He left the firm to begin his own successful marketing career.

But, Stan is not just an academic. He enjoys a good game of basketball as well. He played in high school and founded the basketball club at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Not only is Stan Gershengoren a high achiever, but also enjoys giving back to his community – his friends, his fraternity, his neighbors.  He joined the Kappa Sigma fraternity at a time when it was on social probation and going through a huge upheaval. Starting out on the executive council as secretary of the fraternity in his sophomore year, he set about helping the membership to right itself. He became president during his junior and senior years and was instrumental in getting the fraternity removed from probationary status and back in good standing on campus and the community.

Stan continued as president of Kappa Sigma fraternity in his junior year. His interests in politics and philosophy contributed to his fulfillment in that role, as it does to this day. According to the 1st November Edition of the Mercury, a publication of the University of Texas at Dallas, published October 31, 2010, the fraternity held a “box-a-thon” to raise awareness about homelessness and raise donations for various charities. One of those charities was the Military Heroes Campaign, about which Gershengoren was quoted as saying, “The Military Heroes Campaign supports military veterans. It is our national organization’s primary charity.” He goes on to state, “We chose to help the needy and the homeless in our area….We wanted to support our local community….We seek to help less fortunate people… a civil society is judged by how the poor and needy are cared for.”

To accomplish their goals, Gershengoren and his fraternity brothers took turns, over the course of several days, sleeping in a large box constructed of wooden planks and cardboard, to bring awareness to the plight and disregard felt by the nation’s veterans.

In fact, service to others has always been a big part of Stan Gershengoren’s life. Not only was he involved through his fraternity, but he was a member of the service honor society, Beta Gamma Sigma. Even after college, Stan was the recruitment chair for Kappa Sigma. He brought in two of the largest pledge classes in the history of the fraternity. But more importantly, he stressed the value of scholastic achievement and physical wellness with these pledges.

Now, he provides excellent services to those in need of marketing help and consulting through his company. This company is dedicated to bringing in customers for other companies. One way they do this is through direct marketing that allows them to sign up new customers from the very first day of the campaign. They offer competitive research, strategy, lean testing (a method of streamlining and enhancing testing) and broad scaling (expanding your place in the market).

His vocational expertise and success reflect his desire to affect change. There is a palpable satisfaction derived from putting things in motion and seeing them develop, as is the case in marketing.

In addition to bringing in new customers, Gershengoren’s company provides lead generation, avatar breakdown, email autoresponder setup, lead to conversion analysis and lifetime customer analysis.

Also, marketing consulting is a big part of Gershengoren’s business, offering copywriting, product positioning, deep level analytics, and funnel flow and design.

Gershengoren’s philosophy is that his company doesn’t get paid until his partners get paid. He is interested in building long-term mutually beneficial relationships with those he works with.

Obviously, the values and philosophy Stan Gershengoren grew up with, have translated well into his business acumen. He strives to be the best at what he does, using testing systems based on proprietary financial, trading algorithms and proven analytics to determine how to best scale traffic for maximum return on investment (ROI). He understands the value of hard work.

Stan Gershengoren, born in the summer of 1989, has accomplished much in his life. He left his home in Moldova at just seven years of age, speaking only Russian, learned the English language, and excelled in academics. He also gave generously of himself to others through his fraternity, his college and his community. He hopes to be able to help his parents retire in the future. He knows they went through a lot, so the family could chart a new path in the U.S.; a story that is synonymous with the “American Dream”. Now, he is once again, excelling in marketing and creating new opportunities for others. Gershengoren sets the bar high and just keeps making the jump.